How Web Scraping Helps in Extracting ChowNow food Delivery Data?

September 23, 2021

Food delivery applications like Uber Eats and DoorDash appear to be practically widespread in the restaurant sector; whether you're running a restaurant and want people in your neighborhood to know about you, getting on at least one of these apps is crucial.

However, even if you request pickup rather than delivery, these apps take a percentage of what restaurants make. Almost all of them take 20% to 40% for every order, which is practically the whole profit margin on the food they're selling in many situations.

This blog will show you how to use Foodspark Cloud to scrape ChowNow food delivery data step by step. Simply feed the ChowNow crawler the relevant URLs, run it, and retrieve as much data as you like.

What is ChowNow?


ChowNow focus on delivering the quality of food and service. These activities, either in the kitchen preparing meals or greeting clients at the front door, are what define a restaurant. Restaurants, to put it another way, thrive while they're not open.

At the same time, we live in a society where convenience is more important than ever. Customers would like to purchase their meals more quickly and easily. They check emails, bounce in and out of apps, chat with friends, and perusing websites, just like the rest of us. Customers live and work online.

Reasons Behind Scraping ChowNow Delivery Data

Each food delivery service that uses data scraping service may have different objectives. To achieve specific business goals, you can select to target all of the data fields accessible. Listed below are a few examples:

1. Consumer Buying Patterns

Due to better delivery operations, customers may now order foods online and have them delivered to their homes. The user-friendly interface of popular services, multiple payment options, and additional savings are all driving the growth of this sector. E-Commerce options will continue to grow, and retailers will have a deeper understanding of their customers' shopping habits.

2. Better Price Monitoring

If a restaurant sells a product on a food delivery platform, you'll have to concentrate on building an attractive pricing strategy. Similarly, if you run a supermarket delivery service, offers and discounts from competitors will help you better define your marketing policies.

Which Data Fields are Scraped from Scraping ChowNow Delivery Data?


Several fields can be scraped from ChowNow delivery services. Among the most common are:

  • Restaurant name
  • Restaurant Address
  • Item name
  • Offer and discounts
  • Reviews/Ratings
  • Item price
  • Item Category
  • Best Selling dishes
  • Delivery charge
  • Service tax message
  • Disclaimer details
  • Delivery time
  • Restaurant opening hours

After the essential information is gathered, it is analyzed and put through a series of quality checks before being given. All of this data is delivered consistently, allowing related businesses to obtain valuable insight.

What are The Uses of Scraping ChowNow Delivery Data?


Web scraping services can assist any firm that sells or delivers food. Given the current situation of the business, now may be an excellent time for a company to make use of reputable web scraping solutions to get a competitive advantage.

Here's a summary of how different companies might make use of food delivery data gathered from the internet.

1. Restaurant Owners

You can expand your business to include virtual comfort for your customers if you already operate a restaurant. Before being listed on a big food delivery platform, it's a good idea to explore the services of local merchants in your area.

2. Online Retailers

If you have a restaurant with a variety of food items, you might probably add clients to take advantage of this thriving business. Due to the competition between restaurants this might be a great way to boost sales and money. Furthermore, specific retailers with significant brand values may attract more clients, resulting in increased sales of other products you sell.

3. Best Food Item Reviews

Knowing which food items is popular with consumers can allow you to maximize your menu if you're restaurant owner. Scraped reviews and rating aid in obtaining precise information about well-known product categories across areas and locales, allowing you to attract additional retailers to your business.

4. Food Platform Competitors

Because new companies enter the market regularly, web scraping is an effective technique to strengthen your business plan. If you want to start a new food delivery business, you should realize that collecting supermarket delivery data is a prerequisite. It may provide you with useful information about the overall market, as well as top purchasers, pricing, and other factors that can help you gain a competitive advantage.

5. Business Growth

You'll need a complete scraped list of existing food delivery providers and merchants if you wish to build your food delivery service. Using a specialized web scraping technology like Foodspark, you may use geographical data to help you meet your expectations and requirements.

Customized Solution to Fetch ChowNow Delivery Data


The food delivery sector has been continuously growing due to its simplicity and ease of use. In order to analyze food delivery data, you'll need a web scraping service provider who can consistently gather information on your timetable.

Scraping software such as Foodspark can assist you in getting started by creating custom solutions to retrieve the data points you need. Foodspark can also design bespoke web scraping APIs for businesses that don't have access to one.

Foodspark has become one of the world's largest online extracting companies, scraping public information from the internet. Foodspark’s pre-built scrapers and some other online scraping courses enable data harvesting from popular websites simple and affordable for small enterprises, researchers, and professionals.

Are you looking for a way to scrape ChowNow delivery data? Request a free quote from Foodspark right now!!

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