How Web Scraping is Used to Extract Foodiyoo Delivery Data?

April 25, 2022

Foodiyoo is a developing MSME enterprise specialized in online food delivery business based in Kerala and registered in India. The unit receives online meal orders, collects them from various hotels, and delivers them to customers.

Foodiyoo works for the partner restaurants. The goal is to create convenient service that connects partner restaurants with customers to eat their favorite food comfortably in their homes. Every partner restaurant has a designated delivery region that ensures the meals delivered fresh and hot to the customers.

This blog will help you learn each step of using Foodspark Cloud to scrape Foodiyoo delivery data. Simply give the required URLs to the Foodiyoo crawler, run it, and obtain the data as per your requirement.

Purpose of scraping Foodiyoo Deliver data


Foodiyoo restaurant Data scraping used by food delivery services have various purposes. You can choose to target all data fields available to meet business goals. The few instances are given below:

1. Buying Habits of Consumer:

Customers can now purchase dishes online and get them delivered to their homes is because of improved delivery operations. User-friendly interfaces of popular services, many payment options, and significant savings are fueling the growth and development of the sector. E-Commerce alternatives will expand, and retailers will gain a better understanding of their customers' purchasing habits.

2. Improved Price Tracking

If your restaurant sells a product through a food delivery service, you will need to focus on developing an appealing pricing approach. Similarly, if you operate a food delivery business, competitive offers and discounts will help you better define your marketing strategy.

Types of data to be extracted from Foodiyoo delivery websites


Several fields from Foodiyoo delivery services can be scraped. The few are listed below:

  • Name of The Restaurant
  • Address of The Restaurant
  • Name of Item
  • The Offer and Discounts
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Best Selling Dishes
  • Item Price
  • Item Category
  • Message about orders and taxes
  • Delivery Fees and Service Taxes
  • Details of the disclaimer
  • Time of Delivery
  • Restaurant working hours

After gathering the necessary data, it is examined and put through a number of quality checks before being distributed. This data is continuously delivered, allowing associated or similar organizations to gain important information.

Uses of scraping Foodiyoo delivery data


Data scraped from Foodiyoo delivery services can benefit a company who is in selling or delivering food. Given the current state of the industry, it would be an opportunity for a company to use trustworthy wen scraping tools in order to gain competitive advantage.

The below mentioned points explains the use of food delivery data for several businesses.

1. Owners of restaurant

If you own a restaurant, business expansion is your prime goal and that can be done by offering virtual comfort to the clients. It’s always a good idea to look forward to the services of small business merchants in the region before entering the large segment.

2. Retailers on the Internet

If you own a restaurant that serves a range of foods, you may want to expand your clientele to take advantage of this expanding industry. Because of the competition among hotels, increase sales and profits could be a terrific strategy to achieve. Additionally, specialized retailers with strong brand values may attract more customers, resulting in increased sales of other items you sell.

3. Reviews of Best Food Items

For a restaurant owner, knowing which items are popular with customers might help you maximize your menu. Scraped ratings and reviews help you gather information about Famous product categories across areas and geographies, assisting you to attract more retailers to your firm.

4. Competitors on the Food Platform

Web scraping is an effective strategy for strengthening your company plan because new companies enter the market on a regular basis. If you want to expand a food delivery company, you should know that gathering restaurant delivery data is important. It might give you vital information about the entire market, as well as pricing, top buyers, and other elements that might help you obtain advantage of competition.

5. Business Expansion

If you want to start your food delivery business or expand an existing one, you will need a comprehensive scraped list of existing meal delivery companies and merchants. You can extract geographical data to assist you reach your expectations and requirements by using a specific web scraping services of Foodspark.

Scrape Foodiyoo Delivery Data with Customized Solutions


The food delivery industry is expanding consistently because of simplicity and convenience to customers. For analyzing this data, you will need data extraction service provider who can fetch data on a regular basis at the right time.

Foodspark can help you get started by providing custom solutions to extract the data you require. For organizations who don't have access to one, Foodspark can create custom web scraping APIs.

Foodspark has grown to world’s largest scraping companies can help you extract data from the internet. Data gathering from major websites is straightforward and economical for researchers, small businesses, and professionals thanks to Foodspark's scrapers and other online scraping courses.

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