Glovo API​

The Glovo API comes with numerous benefits. It boasts a robust infrastructure, ensuring reliability in extracting data. Integrating it is a breeze. At Foodspark, we take pride in our state-of-the-art data scraping methods and extensive API expertise, ensuring you get precise and up-to-the-minute data whenever needed.

        "ID": "0",
        "Name": "Glovo Store 1",
        "URL": "",
        "Timing": "Open 24 Hours",
        "Address": "123 Main St",
        "City": "City Name",
        "State": "State Name",
        "Phone_Number": "(123) 456-7890",
        "Offer": "Free delivery on orders over $50",
        "Ratings": "4.5"
        "ID": "1",
        "Name": "Glovo Store 2",
        "URL": "",
        "Timing": "Open Until 9:00 PM",
        "Address": "456 Elm St",
        "City": "City Name",
        "State": "State Name",
        "Phone_Number": "(123) 789-1234",
        "Offer": "Buy 1 Get 1 Free on select items",
        "Ratings": "4.2"
        "ID": "2",
        "Name": "Glovo Store 3",
        "URL": "",
        "Timing": "Open 24 Hours",
        "Address": "789 Oak St",
        "City": "City Name",
        "State": "State Name",
        "Phone_Number": "(123) 567-8901",
        "Offer": "10% off on all orders for new customers",
        "Ratings": "4.8"
    // Add more Glovo stores as needed

Glovo API Integrations

  • Offers a seamless Glovo API integration process
  • Gain instant access to the latest data from Glovo's platform.
  • Receive a pre-built, customizable script for your data scraping needs.
  • Effectively handle challenging obstacles like IP blacklisting and Captcha.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a highly scalable infrastructure.

Extract Region-Wise Glovo Data

Glovo operates in numerous global cities with unique trends and consumer preferences. Our data extraction experts can help you obtain region-wise Glovo data, enabling you to gain insights into local markets, understand consumer behavior, and make data-driven decisions. 

2_Competitive Pricing Menu

Glovo Food Menu Restaurant Data Scraping

Understanding what is on the menu is key to attracting customers. With our Glovo API, you can scrape restaurant data, including food menu data. This detailed information gives you a competitive edge by helping you showcase a wide range of menu options to your customers. 

Packaging, Item-Wise Services, Delivery Charges, And Discounts

Are you looking to expand your food delivery operation to new regions? Our Glovo API service allows you to extract region-wise data, providing a comprehensive understanding of the local market. By analyzing this data, you can decide where to expand your services, which cuisines are in demand, and how to tailor your offerings to specific regions.

3_Scraping Food Menu
4_Item-Wise Service, Packaging, Delivery Charges

Glovo Competitive Price Menu Scraping

Keeping an eye on your competitor is essential in a competitive marketplace. Our Glovo API service includes competitive price menu scraping, which allows you to monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies. By staying informed about their pricing structures, you can adjust your prices to remain competitive and attract more customers. Thus, increasing sales of your business. 

Glovo Data Competitive Pricing Scraping

Data is power, especially when it comes to competitive pricing strategies. With our Glovo API, you can scrape data on competitive pricing trends across different regions and restaurants. You can analyze this data to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that you always offer the best value to your customers while maximizing your profitability.

5_Competitive Pricing Used for
6_Competitor's Brand Monitoring

Graphical User Interface of Food Delivery Data

We understand that data is only valuable if it is easy to understand. That is why our Glovo API services provide a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to visualize your food delivery data. You can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, delivery trends, and more with interactive charts and graphs. This visual representation of data empowers you to make clever business decisions and drive business growth.