Frequently Asked Questions

We make personalized data scrapers in different languages like C#,Python, PHP, VBA, and VB .Net. Besides this, on the client’s demand, we also utilize the language according to their requirements to extract data.
We do not extract porn websites and sites having individual data like credit card details, Social Security Numbers as well as a higher level of sensitive personal data.
No, because all our food data scraping scripts work on our cloud platform. Our experienced professionals always take care of end-to-end scraping operations as well as the customers only get data result files that in reply are a hassle-free service! You just need to give us targeted websites and we’ll extract the lists.
Yes, we surely sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement as we always maintain the security and privacy of our customers. We always respect their data and therefore we never share any of their details.
The costing depends on different criteria including:
  • Depth Level for crawling the necessary data
  • In case, a website blocks the prompts or IPs for Captcha substantiations
  • Total listings (extra listings, more reduced rate)
  • Total websites (more websites, more reduced rates)
  • Website’s framework with HTML, JavaScript, Java Applet, Flash, and Ajax
Well, we have a well-organized process to follow:
  • We collect data as well as requirements from the customers we are searching for.
  • A client suggests us a site, or we suggest sites, where we scrape the data.
  • Our professional team evaluates the entire project as well as provides you a budget estimation, delivery time as well as other feedbacks that may assist your business.
  • When the project evaluation gets completed, you need to sign a few formal documents.
  • Our skilled crawlers will start working on the project, scrape data from many and particular websites as well as do tasks including data cleansing, higher quality, manual and automated checks.
  • cleansing, higher quality, manual and automated checks.
  • After passing outcomes from various development phases and QA, we offer data to all our clients.
It all depends on the given specifications.
Yes. Our professional team will schedule the jobs on the scraping stage for necessary data refresh occurrence. When the data scraping gets completed, it can be sent through email, DropBox, FTP, or to cloud storing locations.
We provide data in different formats like Excel, CSV, XML, SQL, TSV JSON, and more. In case, you have produced an API End-point, by which the information requires to get delivered on your platform, then please talk with our support team.
We promise all our customers that you are in our safe hands if it’s about our work or relationship. We will never let that spread on any public forums. All the information and demands collected from our customers will continue to be personal.
We accept payments through SWIFT Bank Transfers, PayPal, or Western Union.
Yes, Surely. We are always ready to assist you with our back-end support. As we know that you might experience technical bugs when operating yourself, we will assist you in all different phases without getting stuck in your main business activities.