Data Scraping for Food Delivery Platform

This success story provides valuable insights into how our web scraping services helped one of the leading restaurant and food delivery platforms to streamline business operations, make informed decisions, and enhance profit. Valuable data gathered from targeted competitors and popular search engines enabled businesses to make creative strategies and gain a competitive edge.

About Client

As a preferred food delivery platform, the client is associated with well-known restaurants and popular food chains. Client’s online food delivery business provides services to a wide range of areas across various geographical landscapes. With the fierce competition in the food industry, clients constantly need to work on understanding consumer preferences, current market trends, and competitive analysis. The client approached Foodspark for accurate and customized food datasets.

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Client's Requirement

The client required real-time insights and comprehensive data on the competitive landscape to gain a competitive edge, including restaurant availability, menu variations, pricing strategies, and customer sentiment analysis. Moreover, the client also listed several other requirements for which Foodspark provided integrated solutions.

Key Requirements

  • Real-time restaurant availability insights within specific geographical locations
  • A comprehensive view of Competitor’s menu
  • Strategic insights into Competitor’s promotions and offers
  • Gather customer sentiments from targeted competitor platforms and popular search engines.
  • Identify restaurants that are not registered on the client’s platform.

Key Challenges 

To fulfill the client’s requirement, Foodspark faced several challenges.

  • Need to crawl and collect real-time restaurant details for various locations simultaneously.
  • Need to perform data extraction operations with given time slots
  • We need to extract and deliver datasets for various time slots related to Breakfast, Lunch, and Late-night
  • The client required data output with specific attributes
  • The crawl must run 24*7, excluding national/public holidays. It was mandatory to get data on festival days.
  • Any technical error must be resolved within 24 hours.

Solution from Foodspark

Foodspark’s team implemented a crawling process for restaurant details data to scrape restaurant availability information for various time slots. Collected data was shared with the client in a structured format.


  • Foodspark’s team conducted menu mapping from specific competitors to deliver menu datasets.
  • Foodspark’s team undertook data collection from targeted competitor platforms, focusing on promotions and offers data.
  • We applied a specialized sentiment analysis algorithm to collect review and rating data from targeted competitor platforms and popular search engines.
  • Our experts crawled and fetched restaurant information from search engines not partnered with the client’s platform.
  • Foodspark’s team conducted data scraping from various search engines, extracting restaurant information such as names, addresses, and other metadata from targeted cities. The resulting dataset was shared with the client.

Business Benefits

  • The client now gathers real-time insights into restaurant availability per time slot, monitoring competitors’ strategy and resulting in streamlined operations. 
  • The client can now check the comprehensive view of the menu that helps them make data-driven decisions, creating a competitive edge in the market. 
  • It is now possible for clients to get insights into Competitor’s promotional strategies and enhance their own marketing and customer acquisition policies. 
  • The client can now formulate business strategies by identifying the restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • It has become straightforward to onboard new restaurants as clients are now able to obtain a list of potential restaurant partnerships.