Providing Data Scraping Solutions to a Global Restaurant Industry Leader

Our client is a well-known international restaurant brand, well known for its recognizable fast-food outlets and extensive global franchise network. With operations in more than 150 countries and territories and over 50,000 restaurants, the client’s primary focus is on utilizing cutting-edge technologies and data-driven tactics to remain ahead of market trends and uphold its leadership position in the food sector.

Client Requirement

  • The client wished to compile important datasets and keep a current, accurate database of vital data.
  • The client has identified particular target markets, including Italy, Spain, and the UK.
  • Complete restaurant data coverage, pricing, and menu audits have to be obtained at predetermined intervals. Data was needed by the brand owner for the web platform and mobile apps.
  • Every week, the client requested store detail data for the online and app platforms that included market, brand, platform, related aggregators, and the full store address.
Yum Brand-main-image
  • In addition to the product name, price, category, description, and other details, the customer requested product details, including region, brand, aggregator, and shop information.
    • The client has requested a store coverage report that includes the store name and product count from the previous and current weeks.
    • A summary of the previous and current week’s stores, along with a list of those that are missing.
    • The required format for data delivery is CSV.


Discover what challenges we encountered while completing the demands of our clients.

  • Data extraction solutions must be set up for particular targeted competitors and geographic areas.
  • Within the allotted period, we must obtain restaurant menu details and conduct menu audits with the current specials.
  • Data extraction from the web platform and mobile app must happen at the same time.
  • Must obtain prior product, retailer, and aggregator details.
  • Obtaining comprehensive coverage of the necessary data; ensuring SLA compliance for the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the data.
  • Providing data in accordance with the specified format requirements.
  • Fulfilling the weekly delivery schedule criteria.
  • Dealing with issues related to scalability when managing massive data sets.
  • Managing data discrepancies between various locations and retailers.


Our team of experts used efficient data scraping technologies to address the issues, as listed below:

  • Created unique scripts to promptly extract all restaurant coverage from specified regions, providing complete visibility of currently running offers.
  • Employed sophisticated and automatic data scraping methods to guarantee weekly data delivery in the necessary format.
  • Developed scalable data extraction software to manage massive data volumes.
  • Extensive quality assurance procedures were put in place to guarantee the precision and entirety of the retrieved data.
  • Made use of data validation procedures to guarantee that the given data complied with format and quality standards.


Our clients benefited greatly from our all-inclusive data scraping solutions, which improved their operational effectiveness and strategic decision-making.
  1. Met several SLA standards and delivered data with high correctness and completeness.
  2. The customer was able to make better decisions because to the thorough data coverage they received for all products and retailers.
  3. Data was delivered in the necessary format, allowing for a seamless integration into the currently operational system.
  4. The customer may now access and handle enormous volumes of data.