Data Scraping From Zomato For Restaurant Listings

Data scraping from Zomato for restaurant listings

Data scraping can help businesses save time and money. Depending on the size of your business, you may need more hours or resources to replicate data from a website, such as Zomato, for restaurants. Zomato web scraping can identify critical information about a company in minutes rather than hours or days.

Data scraping is so helpful for businesses that it’s becoming sought after. But there are considerations to keep in mind if you’re interested in hiring a data scraper. Hiring a data scraper is ideal if you have a ton of information to pull from the web and it’s repetitive.

Data scraping from Zomato for restaurant listings

Specific requirements differ from one place to another, so specify everything accurately when hiring a scrapper. If you want a list of restaurants in your area with their menu, location, and contact details, this article can help. You can use this article as a guide for companies that need help getting their business started or moving forward with an existing business model or concept.

Introduction to Web Scraping:

Introduction to Web Scraping

Web scraping is the practice of extracting data from websites. Regardless of how long it takes to collect data, you’ll be able to do it in just a few minutes if you hire a professional scrapper.

Web scraping is mainly used for gathering information instead of browsing or searching unless you want specific information. It’s also used as a quality assurance test, which means companies can check their website for errors and correct them before customers notice.

Scraping Zomato using Python and Beautiful Soup

Scraping Zomato using Python and Beautiful Soup

This article aims to make scraping Zomato as easy as possible, so it’ll be a breeze for anyone to do it. If you want to make page-by-page grinding with BeautifulSoup, use the web scrapers in the repository. There are two different approaches: using Beautiful Soup and Python.

Follow these steps to scrape Zomato using Beautiful Soup and Python.

  • Download BeautifulSoup4.
  • Extract the code and put it in one folder.
  • Open a terminal window and create a new file. Call it
  • Copy-paste the code below into your run file and save it in JSON format.
  • Open another terminal window and execute this line to scrape data from Zomato
  • You’ll find that information has been saved to a CSV-formatted file called output_data_(your_date_here).csv, which can be opened by Excel for editing or can be read in by Python for further processing like extracting phone numbers from addresses or doing geolocation of restaurants using Google Maps Geocoding API, etc.
  • The script creates three files: an HTML file to download the page that you have scraped, a CSV file containing the data in a readable format, and a log file containing the log of your scraping progress in CSV format.
  • The script will scrape Zomato for restaurant listings from anywhere worldwide. You need to specify the location on Zomato and get your results as JSON or XMLs for further processing.

Collecting Data Without an API

If you don’t have an API to access the information on your site, you may be asked to build a front end for it. You can create a script that scrapes the data from Zomato and stores it correctly in your database or Mongo. To do this, you’ll have to open MongoDB and go through the same steps above.

After creating a script like this, use it just as your code would work with any other website (e.g., get home page/Menus). For example, if we wanted to scrape food options, apparel, etc., from Zomato, we could use the following script, and the code for food will look like this:

It will return anything that has to do with food from the website. There are many other options you can consider and use to build a script or search for all possible options on various websites.

Advantages of Scraping Zomato for Restaurant Listings:

1. Gets Information Fast:
Gets information fast

Web scraping for restaurant listings can get information on restaurants fast, depending on how many restaurants are in your area. If you want to scrape every single listing from Zomato, it can be time-consuming and take a few days to months.

2. Accuracy:

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can get the names and addresses of all your favorite places, which means you can search on Google or filter through an app. This can be especially useful if you plan to order food from Zomato instead of doing takeout and delivery services (like Eat and Grubhub).

3. Speed Yourself!

Since it’s quicker than searching Zomato, you don’t have to do it as a part of your marketing strategy, which gives you more time to focus on other business aspects.

4. Save Time:
Save time

If you’re going to scrape data on every website, not just Zomato, it’ll be difficult and take a lot of resources that could be used for other things.

5. Gets You More Information:
Gets you more information

Zomato could be a better source to get information. For example, the categories on Zomato could be better organized and could be misleading to restaurants.

6. It’s Free:
Its free

You don’t have an API to connect with, so you don’t have to pay for the amount of data you get from Zomato daily.

7. You can Find Restaurant Information Manually:
You can find restaurant information manually

If you’re searching for food or other products locally, you can use this method instead of using other apps that scrape information from Zomato and last updated a few years ago.

Getting a Data Scraper to Work for You
Getting a Data Scraper to Work for You

Hiring a data scraper is ideal, particularly if you need help working data manually. If you want help understanding how scraping works, this article can help you.


There are a few ways to get restaurant information on Zomato if you’re doing data scraping. If you want to scrape every single option, it can take a while; however, it’s more reliable than other apps that last updated in years.

Zomato has more than 65,000 restaurants that offer menus, images, business details, and user reviews, allowing users to comment on them. Users can also update information such as ratings and reviews about any restaurant through the app. This app’s other functionality will enable users to order food from restaurants through the app itself.

Zomato is primarily used for restaurant listing; however, the scope of this app is much more than that.


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