How To Extract 1000s of Restaurant Data from Google Maps?

How To Extract 1000s of Restaurant Data from Google Maps?

Google Maps is among the most widely used online business directories for businesses looking to expand their reach. The Google Maps Business Directory gives businesses a lot of exposure on the web and may also help you locate new clients. Google Maps is a fantastic tool for collecting data on both local and worldwide businesses. As a result, salespeople are increasingly utilizing Google Maps to find possible sales leads.

One of the most important places to find fresh b2b leads for restaurant owners is the Google Maps Directory. It allows you to create restaurant contact lists based on various search parameters.

You can create a restaurant database depending on the location, amenities, services, distance, ratings, reviews, neighborhoods, and other factors using Google Maps. However, manually extracting restaurant data from Google Maps Businesses is a time-consuming and exhausting operation due to the millions of restaurants featured.

For example, if you search for a Pizza restaurant in California, you will get over 1000 results that span numerous pages.

If you need a list of Pizza restaurant location data in California, you’ll have to manually copy and paste the name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, website URL, and other information into an Excel sheet or another database. This is also a big difficulty to extract reviews because many firms have thousands of them. As a result, extracting data from a single restaurant business listing might be a lengthy procedure.

Gathering the restaurant location data manually is a very difficult and time-consuming task. It has a negative impact on your productivity and leaves you with less time to talk to clients and generate more sales. Using a web scraping tool, it becomes possible to retrieve hundreds of restaurant details from Google Maps in a short amount of time.

Extract 1000s of Restaurant Information without Code from Google Maps


With a single click of a button, Google Maps Data Extractor allows you to quickly and simply extract company contact lists from Google Maps without any programming knowledge. With the aid of our ret Google Maps Scraper, you can extract data for any business or restaurant in any nation or city.

The Google Maps Data Miner gathers the restaurant’s email address (if one is provided), phone number, location, website URL, rating, reviews, hours, and other information and transfers it to the grid. Using a Google restaurant reviews API, you can easily export restaurant company listings to an Excel sheet or database. Google Maps Crawler allows you to quickly construct a large list of targeted companies. Google Maps Scraper gives structured restaurant data without the need for additional software.

Scraping Restaurants Data

  • Open Google Maps and look for restaurants in the cities you want to visit, such as California or New York.
  • Choose One of The Search Results.
  • On the Google Maps Lead Extractor Software, click the Extract Button.
  • You can download the data as CSV, Excel, or Text files.

If you are looking to extract multiple restaurants data, then you can contact Foodspark today or request for a quote!!

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