About Meituan

Meituan is a one-stop solution for shopping, transportation, travel, and entertainment portal. The value they produce helps people not only eat better but also enhance their lifestyles, allowing them to live and travel more comfortably. They are big believers in a few simple qualities that entice individuals to work together to achieve both ordinary and extraordinary goals. "We help people eat better, live better," says Meituan's mission statement. Meituan's "Retail + Technology" approach focuses on collaborating with merchants and partners to help customers' live better lives. Meanwhile, it aspires to enhance both the demand and supply sides of the digital revolution of retail goods and services. Meituan was officially listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on September 20, 2018, with a focus on customers and continued investment in scientific R&D, allowing the company to better fulfill its social responsibilities, create more value for society, and seek win-win collaboration with all partners.

List of Data Field

Foodspark is the best Meituan food delivery data scraping service provider that offers you with unique, real-time, and customized data as per your business requirements. We offer updated and unique data on which you can rely. Below are the data fields that you can scrape:

  • Business ID
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • State
  • City
  • Country Code
  • Postal Code
  • Cost
  • Aggregate Ratings
  • Highlights
  • Cuisines
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Opening Hours
  • Menu
  • Price Range
  • Phone
  • Review
  • Website
  • Votes
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Extracting Region-Wise Meituan Data

Extracting Region-Wise Meituan Data

Region-by-region extraction Data from Meituan might be difficult to deal with, especially if you don't know how to deal with it. Manual data requests necessitate a large number of resources and time.
  • Assist you in obtaining data, files, and other items used in restaurant cuisine.
  • Find information about how to make various menus.
  • Employ region-wise Meituan data scraping to get a quicker result.
Because they have such a large and easy-to-use database, Meituan data scraping makes it simple to collect the best and most relevant data for you. Foodspark provides the Best Meituan Data Scraping Services for extracting regional Meituan menu and restaurant location data.

Scraping Food Menu Restaurants in Meituan

If you don't know how to do it, extracting data from food menu restaurants in Meituan might be a difficult task. Finding manual data necessitates a number of factors, including sufficient time.
  • Find the most relevant meal menu information for you.
  • Using food menu restaurants data scraping in Meituan, you can find data, files, and more.
  • Use Meituan food menu restaurants data scraping to avoid doing the tedious effort.
Our Meituan food menu restaurants data scraping services may be used in a variety of analyses for various company needs. They are trustworthy and produce outcomes that are simple to utilize.
Scraping Food Menu Restaurants in Meituan
3. Extract Meituan Competitive Pricing Menu

3. Extract Meituan Competitive Pricing Menu

Using a variety of item modifiers such as add-ons, our Meituan app scraping aids in collecting data such as food pricing, food name, menu, and so on, which is highly significant for various food enterprises
  • Protect site IPs from being blacklisted.
  • Methods for estimating pricing menus
  • Remove duplicate data regularly.
We also extract secret data from site photos, which is incredibly important for businesses. Generally, self-possessed data is so exact that you may use it for marketing analysis.

Item-Wise Service, Packaging, Delivery Charges, Discounts & Offers

Foodspark is available in a variety of versions. You may extract data from a wide range of resources that are available in a variety of formats. If you require content, product descriptions, price, reviews, or digital sources, please contact us.
  • Get discount information, packing, item-by-item service, and shipping costs.
  • Scrape a variety of data volumes and organize the quantities and diversity.
  • Obtain sensitive information without settlements of accuracy.
Because of revisions to standard structures or changes in pricing to make it more feasible, prices and product data constantly change at different periods. You don't have to worry about missing updates because you can extract data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Item-Wise Service, Packaging, Delivery Charges, Discounts & Offers
Competitive Pricing Used for Meituan Data Scraping

Competitive Pricing Used for Meituan Data Scraping

Pricing Intelligence enables firms to profit from a variety of data insights, as we've discussed. Once an easy-to-use program is picked to handle detecting important data, extracting it online, combining datasets, locating quality controls, and offering ready-made reports or data conceptions tailored to specific company needs,
  • Increase the value of your customers and your market's reach.
  • Lowest cost of customer acquisition, allowing for market growth to be tracked quickly.
  • Reduce the risks while also making well-informed selections.
All of these quick and simple solutions provide crucial data insights in just a few hours and also level up to your specifications. Within current systems, Competitive Price Intelligence has created integrations of several apps for Meituan data streams.

Mobile App Scraping for Meituan Data

Meituan is a brand-new meal delivery service. Many restaurants utilize Meituan applications to let consumers to purchase meals online and have it delivered to their homes or offices. You may find a variety of food delivery applications on the market that function similarly to traditional platforms for both food and consumers.
  • Because you rely on us, we provide a quick turnaround.
  • Obtain quicker assistance in order to do tasks more quickly.
  • Resources for having a large-scale supply are readily available.
When you employ Meituan data scraping services for food delivery segments, you can expect precise results and on-time delivery. Product data may be obtained through mobile app data scraping. We scrape correct data and also provide useful business information.
Mobile App Scraping for Meituan Data
Graphical User Interface of Food Delivery Data

Graphical User Interface of Food Delivery Data

Every food aggregator app has its own graphical user interface, and we provide GUI data scraping of food delivery applications like Meituan at Foodspark. Home Screen, Order History, Search and Filter, Marketing Properties, Place Order, Address Alert, Order Status, and Delivery Map are all data that may be scraped here.
  • GUI data scraping may be completed more quickly.
  • For rapid actions, get faster support.
  • Great sources for large-scale supply are widely accessible.
We can also assist you with scraping data such as Restaurant Profiles, Discount Coupons, Predictive Search, Live Updates, Push Notifications, GEO Location, Reorder Data, Order Customization, and Payment Modes to help you solve problems.